Breed Characteristics

The German Shorthaired Pointer is especially admired for its temperament and trainability. This breed makes an outstanding family companion, relating well to children, your friends who come to visit, and other dogs. The typical Shorthair is outgoing but not aggressive, although he certainly will let the world know when a stranger knocks on your door. He is anxious to please and responds well to consistent training both in the home and in the field where he shines as an upland game finder, stylish pointer, and retriever.

Keep in mind that the German Shorthaired Pointer is an athlete. Although he adapts readily to almost any living situation, he needs consistent exercise to keep in condition and to burn off excess energy. The natural exuberance of a young Shorthair can make him difficult to live with if he is kept confined and not exercised.

Shorthairs bond readily to the family and can show separation anxiety if left alone for long periods. It is strongly recommended that owners crate-train house dogs so that they may be left alone. Otherwise, an owner runs the risk of finding significant destruction upon returning home.

German Shorthaired Pointers, in addition to their use as hunting companions, have acquitted themselves admirably in the show ring, in field and obedience trials, in search and rescue work, in drug and bomb detection, in agility competition, and as therapy dogs.

(Courtesy of AKC and German Short Haired Pointer Club Of America)